Holy ****! I’m a Millennial!

Posted on April 15, 2015
Category : Culture

This is a little different than your traditional marketing blog. It’s about company culture, human resources, employee retention, and how it all relates to Millennials. I thought it was worth sharing! For years I heard about the challenges of the workforce welcoming millennials to the workforce. I would said, that’s not me. I don’t do those things. I just do my job and work to climb the corporate latter. It wasn’t until I came across

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Think about your closest relationship. For me, it’s my wife. We’ve known each other for nearly eleven years, been together for over ten years, and we’ve been married for over eight years. I like to think we know each other very well. The other day we were having a conversation about an item she considered her favorite. I replied, “I had no idea you even liked it.” We realized at that moment; we still don’t

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Truth in Marketing

Posted on March 25, 2015
Category : Uncategorized

Oxymoron right? Truth in marketing. Our job as marketers is to fabricate the truth, make it seem bigger than it is, and sell. We are hired to put butts in the seats, move merchandise, and increase revenue. But with all that, where are our morals compromised? How far is too far when considering fabricating the truth to win? A new article posted by “How Beats by Dre played you like a fool”, recently went

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It’s still a rarity for an organization to put such an emphasis on retention marketing. For far to long the focus was attracting people to notice our brand, purchase something, and hope they eventually purchase again. But why? Why would someone purchase from you again? Is your product that good there’s no one else in the same industry producing quality products or services? I think about Mathew 14 when Peter walked on water to meet

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What is influence?

Posted on March 06, 2015
Category : social media, Uncategorized

Do you remember the first time you had influence over someone? It’s a human nature attribute to desire power. That’s why American society has adopted social media so well because it desires personal praise. We want to be acknowledged constantly and social media permits that. As parents, you remember the first time your child truly listened to you and it surprised you? That’s influence. We stated are case and it actually worked. I recently spoke

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There was one individual that walked this land that was outstanding at creating followers with relevant content. Too many times, we act like Jesus in our selfish nature without creating “relevant” content. I’m entering my third week since creating this blog focusing on marketing from a Christian perspective, and I catch myself needing to be humble before the Lord. Entering my third week, I’ve had more than 1200 views on my blog and have added nearly

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