I find it ironic when hiring managers still focus solely on an individual skill or trait of a potential employee and not the bigger picture. One of the first pieces of advice I received in my professional career was “find what you’re good at and do it better than anyone else.” In the beginning, that’s what I set out to do but quickly realized that’s not who I am. I have found in today’s marketplace

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Marketing Directors are overrated. I know I’ve been one. Whether you’re marketing products or services, it’s time to have your customers generate your marketing plan by developing initiatives around the customer experience. The days of just understanding marketing and how to retain new customers are over. It’s essential that your marketing expert have a clear strategy on how to communicate to customers and how customers can provide feedback on their experiences. Below are three things you

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We’re in full election cycle right now and it seems as if candidates will say or do anything to get the nomination for their party. I’m a political guru. I know this is, but perhaps I should have as well. I love and hate politics all in the same day. I love the idea that individuals have the dedication to their country and ambition to do something only 44 people have done in

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There use to be a time when it was okay not to check your email but once a day and depending on the industry you work in, communication demand is still a concept that’s foreign. Communication demand is a metric I developed to measure an industries expected demand on an individual’s communication efforts. For example, if you’re in sales, then your communication demand is typically much higher than someone that works on the floor of

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We hear all the jokes about millennial’s laziness in the workplace and entitlement attitude. Even I’ve discussed it here on multiple occasions. Truth is not all millennials are the devil and many are lending hand in making this world a better place. More shocking for retailers is millennials are now moving into the largest purchasing group this world has ever seen. Yes, even bigger than boomers. There is now an estimated 92 million millennials verse

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Don’t Create Resolutions This Year

Posted on January 04, 2016
Category : Business, Culture, leadership

It’s that time of year again where people create resolutions and possibly aims to change habits, start new habits or simply shoot for some desired goal. I believe when you create resolutions; you create a challenge likely to fail. There’s nothing against challenging yourself in the upcoming year but it’s the stigma that comes along with resolutions. I’m going to eat healthier, read more, become more spiritual, spend more time with my family, finish school,

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