Marketing Strategist Chris Laney Opens Up Consulting Firm

Marketing and operations strategist Chris Laney has opened up a customer experience strategy firm in Sarasota, FL focused on customer training, business processes, and marketing.

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) April 25th, 2016 – Chris Laney is excited to announce the beginning of a new consulting firm focused on customer experience strategy. Through the utilization of employee training, business processes, and marketing, Laney Consulting focuses on developing an experience strategy to enhance customer’s perceptions of an organization’s brand.

“Consulting has long been in the books for me. I love working with people and creatively discovering ways to drive revenue. The more I witnessed organizations investing in marketing to drive revenue, the more I noticed it wasn’t their marketing efforts affecting their ability to grow but how employees were interacting with customers. I’m excited to start working with companies in coming up with ways for them to grow.” Says Laney, Chief Experience Strategist.

Laney launches his firm with a slate of strong clients, which will be revealed over the next couple weeks. For more information about Laney Consulting, visit