The greatest asset any company or organization has is the people it serves. Without customers, you don’t have sales. Laney Consulting focuses on the Customer Experience. Our proven process has generated millions of dollars in revenue focused on client retention. Our goal is to generate “feeling” we call the customer experience. This includes employee training, business processes, and marketing. Each component is a key element to the customer experience and we’ll focus on developing a plan for your organization to have success with your customers.

What do you get when you hire Laney Consulting?

The primary goal for Laney Consulting is to provide a plan of action for your organization to work towards. We will prioritize the steps needed for your organization to reach ultimate customer experience. Once the plan is developed, you can then determine if you want Laney Consulting to be part of the implementation. We love being part of making your business better. There are three areas of emphasis in the “Customer Experience Strategy.”

  1. Business Processes
  2. Employee Training
  3. Marketing

Each of these areas of focus have different level steps and it’s our job to help you plan out how you implement the strategy. If you’re ready to move your organization from “getting by” to “success,” contact us today for a consultation.


About Chris Laney

Laney_Chris1Chris Laney is an award-winning expert in marketing, business strategy, project management, and organizational behavior. His expertise has allowed him to hold multiple hats in a variety of organizations – operations manager, digital strategist, project manager, owner, sales manager, traditional and untraditional marketing executive, and more. He has worked for organizations like Verizon Wireless, Chick-Fil-A, The Joy FM, Protect My Ministry, and boostDFM Digital Agency. In addition, he’s also owned and operated two successful businesses. Through his unique ability of understanding the customer experience, Laney has driven millions of dollars in revenue for organizations. Laney holds a bachelors in technology management from State College of Florida and a masters in business administration (MBA) from Saint Leo University.