Is the Power of Social Media Gone?

Is the Power of Social Media Gone?

Last month, during a conference, digital consultants were sharing the importance of generating leads through Twitter and LinkedIn. After an intellectual conversation about the importance of social media advertising and content, the question was still pending on people’s mind, what about Facebook?

Facebook is still the largest social media site in the world and generates an abundance of daily traffic. But through ongoing and deliberate changes to the Facebook algorithm, user-generated content for business pages has decreased significantly. One consultant said, “Unless you’re paying for promoted post or advertising, Facebook is becoming less relevant for businesses to get their message across. Through this realization, the question crossed my mind, is the power of social media gone?

I believe we live in a digital marketing age where businesses are actively doing everything they can to keep up with every digital medium available. Some brands have gotten really good at executing well at finding the social platform that best fits their demographic. For example, media brands like MTV, BuzzFeed, and People have executed well utilizing Snapchat as their platform to engage a younger demographic. This is a very expensive endeavor but they’re finding value in their marketing efforts.

As a marketing professional or business leader in your organization, you need to find the brand that best fits your demographic and utilize it well. However, this can’t be done without developing a budget to push your content. If you want the power of social media to work for you, develop engaging content, create a social budget, and target your demographic.

This should help your organization gain traction on social media.

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