Fire Your Marketing Director, Hire a Customer Experience Expert

Fire Your Marketing Director, Hire a Customer Experience Expert

Marketing Directors are overrated. I know I’ve been one. Whether you’re marketing products or services, it’s time to have your customers generate your marketing plan by developing initiatives around the customer experience. The days of just understanding marketing and how to retain new customers are over. It’s essential that your marketing expert have a clear strategy on how to communicate to customers and how customers can provide feedback on their experiences. Below are three things you can implement in your customer experience strategy to get you started.

Survey Strategy 

Having a survey strategy allows you to retain ongoing important information about your products and services. There’s a few ways this can be implemented. Making sure the survey link is at the bottom of each of your employee’s email signatures. If your company does a newsletter, making sure there’s a button available for customers to provide feedback. Lastly, focus on an onboarding survey. Something developed that you can provide a customer who recently had an experience with your organization whether they just signed up, interacted with your customer service team, or any other interaction.

Social Communication

I will admit that when I’m having a poor experience with a company, I immediately tweet it. Just last week, I had my third poor experience with Wal-Mart in less than two weeks. It’s always related to their checkout experience. It seems that none of their employees are ever happy and the wait to checkout is a minimum of fifteen minutes. They even blocked off self-checkout for only customers with less than 10 items. You need to have a quick response team in place. Doesn’t matter what time of day, you should be able to intelligently communicate the challenges your customer is experiencing.

Beta Team, Forums

If you have high spending customers that you’ve tracked and have a relationship with through marketing materials, consider providing them with exclusive offers to participate in new offerings and opportunities. If you can create what I like to call “Beta Teams.” Beta teams are a great way to engage customers, make them feel like they have a personalized experience with your organization, and collect value feedback regarding new products and services.

There are many other things that can be implemented in a customer experience strategy. Take the time to develop relationships verse sales pitches. Have your Marketing Director develop a customer experience strategy that focus on the importance of retention. Your organization will grow both in recurring and new sales when it’s done well.

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