Broadcast Marketing to One-on-One Marketing

Broadcast Marketing to One-on-One Marketing

Targeted In A Line-UpMarketing experts were in a frenzy when the social media boom happened. Immediately, there was a new medium available for marketing that could allow them to broadcast to large groups in a relatively cost-efficient way. Millennials led the charge on broadcasting everything, and as marketers targeted millennials, they already were use to being bombarded with advertising. However, as times change, trends change, and generations’ change, we see a marketing shift once again. Unfortunately, many of today’s marketing directors/managers, are millennials and prefer their communication in a broadcasted fashion. However, teenagers (12-18), also called generation z are moving away from broadcasted marketing.

Look at active users on Facebook and Twitter; generation z is one of the smallest user bases and the slowest growing segment for those social media sites. So where are they? Teenagers today prefer closed network communication. While they still broadcast their message, it’s to a small group of their friends using applications like WhatsApp and SnapChat. Teenagers today have grown up in a society where all of our information is available on the web and as more experts have cautioned them to “be careful what you post,” they’ve taken that advice and used applications that auto-delete their information.

What does this mean for marketing people? First, we need to understand technology trends are changing faster than ever. Today’s teenagers could be like tomorrow’s millennials. Additionally, generation z makes up a small segment of the consumer, and, therefore, marketing experts need to diversify the way they go about their marketing. Come up with ways to get involved in more targeted, segmented marketing with younger generations. This is a goal for social media giants like Facebook. Facebook is developing standalone applications to better-targeted younger demographics. As they learn about their behaviors, they can create highly developed targeted ads.

It’s important for marketing experts to understand trends and changes occurring in technology. It’s essential to be successful.

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