50 Shades of Selling Christian Sex

“I walked towards him and slowly touched his lips against mine. The feeling of his touch is better than sweet wine. He slowly massages me as his smell makes me dose into a tranquil state. I trembled at his fragrance. His head lies between my breasts as he slowly touches my face.”

The above paragraph is a paraphrase of Song of Solomon’s chapter one. The wife is engaging in a sexual encounter with her husband. It’s a vivid encounter between wife and husband exactly how God intended. It’s as women around the country has fallen to the craze of seduction and fantasy. So how did 50 Shades of Grey become one of the biggest selling novels of 2014 and about to become one of the largest blockbusters of 2015? If more than 80% of women in America confess to being God believing Christians, where did we go wrong?

The writers of this novel and the marketing team behind the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy did, in my opinion, sddefaultknocked the marketing plan out of the park and engaged their audience. They purposely went after females between 30-50. What do most females in this demographic have in common? They’re married. While the book was a huge hit, many wives/moms don’t have time to sit down and read a good book. No matter what it is. So will they show up on Valentine’s weekend to watch the new flick? (Amazing how opening weekend is Valentines)

The marketing team selected to keep very little details about the movie out of trailers and media. Even theirgiant 50 shades of grey billboard billboards show little provocative images. It’s a good-looking businessman in a suit, leaving the “meeting” of Grey a mystery. The marketing team shows as little as possible to engage the audience. Women want the mystery because they’ve lost it in their marriage. Christian women are convincing themselves based on the trailer, it won’t be that bad. Marketers selected Valentine’s weekend for two reasons. The singles will be engaged by having a “girlfriend night” since they don’t have dates. The fantasy of Grey is better than no man. On the flip side, the married woman is waiting to be romance by her husband until he epically fails then she enters the fantasy world of Grey because her husband fell short of expectations.

I understand the purpose of this blog is to talk about marketing God’s way. I’ve reversed the table to say o-COUPLE-IN-BED-NOT-TALKING-facebookhow an audience that would typically be upset at their husband for watching a movie like American Pie get a pass on 50 Shades of Grey. I’m not here to judge anyone that has no convictions about watching this movie. I’m simply identifying how Christian women are flocking towards this movie from outstanding marketing. They sold mystery on something that’s very excited and important in life, with a perfect release date.

The next time you come in contact with a 50 Shades advertisement, think about what the marketer was trying to convey to his/her audience.